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    • The blueberries in your scones look so large and juicy. I too love scones. I make a lemon cranberry scone that I can't leave alone if they are in the hoeeu.-Brsnda

    • above). I don’t know how different that is from the actual process of making applesauce, but it seemed pretty similar to me. Then I’d freeze them in ice cube trays along with the other baby foods I made – because I have no clue when it comes to actual canning!! Way to go for trying out the canning, th28;#ta17&s so impressive!

  1. You had me at “they seem to suck” — IYKWIM — and then I kept reading.But you are right. I bet kids might actually like to color a bit these days instead of having to prepare for yet another stnradadized test.

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